The Mini-Lifting of the Caryatids

Ancient Greek statues - a source of inspiration for all plastic surgeons worldwide.

The Greek statues, which are admired for both their beauty and the skill of their sculpture and are a source of inspiration for all plastic surgeons worldwide, are now inextricably linked with the perfect and excellent results of 4D Vaser Lipo. 4D Vasel Lipo came to make a revolution in Greek plastic surgery as well as Caryatids Maintenance with this specific technology.

On the occasion of the pioneering laser techniques used by conservators since 2011 to clean decades of dirt and stains from the marble statues, the prestigious National Geographic magazine published a tribute to the result of this peculiar “facelift”, which was revealed in its entirety the grandeur at the Acropolis Museum. A unique and unprecedented experience, which was accompanied by the revitalization and deep conservation of the layers of the sculptures as well as the highlighting of their exquisite beauty.

The Caryatids callipyges, the “daughters from Carya”, the city near Sparta, are sculptures of the 5th century BC. and they were part of the Erechtheum, as a decorative support – instead of a column – of the roof of the north prostasion of the temple.

The Acropolis Museum was awarded for its innovative program by the International Conservation Institute in Vienna with the 2012 Keck Prize.

The Revolution in plastic surgery and physical beauty was at the same time an innovation of historical and cultural importance that contributed to the preservation of the incomparable beauty of antiquities.



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