Beauty Tips Before and After Surgery

Great do-able tips to make the best of your surgery before and after it takes place


Get complete knowledge before proceeding with an invasive treatment or combinations of invasive, non-invasive treatments.

To consider

  • With a facelift wrinkles do not disappear but the declining of the skin is corrected.
  • Injectable treatments do not correct declining but only improve it.
  • No one loses weight with liposuction.
  • Breast surgery is not related to the occurrence of breast cancer.




Sleep on your back. According to expert Edward H. Farrior, “This is the best gift you can give yourself.  You could sleep on your face, because if you sleep on your back with your head face down on your pillow or on one side, then the skin on your face is pressed on that side and there is a danger of deeper wrinkles appearing, especially near the lips. Silk pillowcases are preferred to cotton ones. ”



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