Detailed Definition of Phoniatrics

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The use of voice at a professional or amateur level, presupposes the appropriate vocal culture-education, but also the protection of both the laryngeal device and its structural subsystems (pharynx, nasal and oral echoes).

The Phoniatrist in his office performs a detailed phonetic examination and video recording of the moving vocal cords, using modern endoscopes, in combination with the personalized taking of history and vocal practices of each examinee. This detects even imperceptible voice or body positioning disorders or even vocally harmful eating disorders.

Based on the laryngoscopy and in close cooperation and dialogue with the examinee, the doctor is able to explain to you all the possible disorders and the wrong ways of expressing the voice. His main goal is to diagnose dysphonia and suggest the adoption of a correct way of speaking or improving the existing one.

The Voice team designs rehabilitation programs tailored to the individual needs of each individual, with particular emphasis on the human relationship, experiential learning and creative voice development. These include phonotherapy sessions (and under endoscopic control), visual acoustic feedback methods, written notes and instructions and progress report. The Center for Phoniatrics and Applied Laryngology applies conservatives, no invasive protocols for the treatment of daily ENT problems by drastically reducing the loss of time for their recovery. In an intimate, welcoming place in the heart of Athens, patients enjoy the protection of their privacy with a discreet luxury.

Experienced doctors provide high quality services guaranteeing the most complete and safest diagnostic and therapeutic approach to problems In any case, any change in voice that is not restored within a reasonable time period (15-30 days) we should check it to find the cause. Much more so because some of these causes are not benign and can be or develop into malignancy. We examine these pathological conditions clinically, painlessly, with the use of mirrors, flexible and rigid endoscopes.

Depending on the findings, we are now able to suggest solutions, conservative (drugs, voice exercises-speech therapy) or surgery with the ultimate goal of restoring the voice and relieving the patient.

Two very common causes of dysphonia, due to strain on the vocal cords: 1) vocal buttons, 2) swelling Reinke]



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