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Silvia Ralli - MedAthens Director

First class treatments, vacation and cultural experiences, rolled into one!

Your personally tailored experience from local Athenian experts

Why pay more for health care and treatment at home when you can come to Athens and receive top professional care and at the same time enjoy a fabulous holiday while delving into the culture of one of the world’s most beautiful countries and arguably the world’s most influential and inspirational ancient culture?

Where to start? Google around the internet? No need. We’ve done all the research and networking for you. As modern-day professional Athenians we are best placed to send you in the right direction and what is more, we will do it personally, calling and emailing you. We know from our own experience how important it is to get the right treatment, but we will offer you just the holiday and cultural experience you want too!

How it works

Your final package can be any number of health, cultural and holiday experiences and it will be totally unique to you. We suggest browsing your options before contacting us, but if you prefer to book an appointment first, go ahead!


Browse our services and tell us the ones you're interested in


We arrange a call with you to discuss your options


You pay a deposit and we produce your unique service combination


You come to Greece with us close by to take care of you

Our Partnerships

MedAthens is a smart and efficient way to give you the best combination of medical, cosmetic, cultural and vacation services. We therefore invest heavily in our partners in all these areas so we can give you the best and most reliable combination deal for you.
If you are a service provider and interested in adding your speciality to our network and increasing your clientele, we are ready to start talking with you

Blog and News

Our blog articles are where we discuss all our services and related issues in detail, such as the history of a plastic surgery  in Athens, or explore the more adventurous experiences we offer such as sailing and scuba diving. Our goal is to inspire and inform on all related issues. You will also find blog articles from other writers, whom we acknowledge, who have a lot of interesting points to make, all of which we hope will guide and support you in your own journey.