Why us

The organization of the company, the unceasing search for you of originality and diversity makes MedAthens able to provide personalized and holistic services focusing on the needs of its customers.
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Summary of MedAthens Competitive Advantages

MedAthens provides personalized and holistic services for approaching, analyzing, specializing and offering complete and organized luxury medical tourism packages, focusing on the needs of its customers.

The potential of the company

In a constant search for the ideal service package, the company executives, share with the visitors of MedAthens a journey, which starts from the information about the services that they can find and use in Greece, continues with the combination of the provided services with leisure and leisure activities and is completed by upgrading the travel experience of visitors to real luxury.


The quality-innovative programs of treatments, tourism and cultural visits.

Competitive packages

Ongoing competitive package consultations for potential customers and partnerships.

International Patient Standards

In accordance with international standards, it is able to propose the most appropriate medical tourism package based on the overall medical history and the current state of health of patients.

Travel Organization

In line with international standards, it is able to offer complete planning for travel booking and accommodation services with the availability of the most suitable hotel accommodation and flexibility and customization of the planned actions included in the proposed package.

Personalized & Holistic Services

Whether it is for receiving specific health services, or it is for the prevention, restoration and maintenance of mental and physical health, even in case the visitor wants total physical and mental rejuvenation, our company executives design the program that serves the time, to the needs and financial capabilities of our customers.
Το Concept - Silvita Greece
The Concept of SilvitaGreece, implemented through the MedAthens portal, has as its competitive advantages on the one hand the high quality of services due to the well-trained and qualified, top Greek doctors who are our partners, on the other hand the provision of services in return that highlights the ideal relationship between cost and benefit. Our goal is for our customers to build relationships of trust with us so that through the repetition of the provision of our services to them we instill in them the values ​​of a thermal culture, which they should adopt so that each time they enjoy their personal renewal and spiritual their rebirth, and so return to their headquarters with an unparalleled enthusiasm for the package of benefits and services they received. Every action, service or service package provided by the MedAthens portal to its customers is governed by strict criteria. Ensuring the fulfillment of all the promises and the Minimum Quality Index (SQL) that the cooperating health care providers must achieve, are for us elements on which the relationship of trust with our customers is built.
Our goal
Our final destination is to offer a complete travel experience to all of you, making your visit to Greece a special and unique moment that you will want to live again and again.