Why Greece

Greece has recently made its appearance in the market of medical tourism and wellness tourism (it holds only 3% worldwide) despite the fact that it excels in many parameters.


Rise of Medical and Spa Tourism

Greece has recently recorded an upward trend in the global market of medical tourism services, currently occupying 3% on the international stage. However, Greece has comparative advantages that make it an ideal destination for visitors of medical tourism. With unparalleled natural beauty, highly qualified scientific staff and a rich cultural heritage will could become ideal destination for thousands of recipients health and wellness services, especially after its recognition as country that offers attractive luxury vacation packages.

Hospitality Infrastructure

In Greece there are more than 700,000 beds , more than 500 conference facilities , more than 6,000 berths for yachts / boats yachts, and direct air connections to major international airports with at least 20 greek destinations . The rich cultural heritage, the natural beauty of the place and the geographical diversity in recent years have attracted significant investments in the tourism sector, strengthening the image of Greece as a world-class tourist destination, with guaranteed - high quality - accommodation and leisure services.


Cross-border Coverage & Ease of Hospitalization

Except for excellent climate , which favors recovery and recovery , the country has a complete logistical infrastructure certified according to world standards (American and European certification system), specialized medical and nursing staff , quality of services provided, excellent hotel potential and competitive prices in medical procedures to attract patients, while still being a safe country with the entry into force of the European Directive facilitating trafficking cross-border patients , providing their insurance coverage.

Competitive Medical Services

In some categories of medical services Greece Greece has comparative advantage , both due to specialization and due to favorable legislation , as in the case of in vitro fertilization, while it has competitive prices compared to other countries e.g. in plastic surgeries the cost is often up to five times less than USA.