Our Vision

Through a journey of life, we learned the secrets of beauty and wellness and sought ways to share them with you. MedAthens journey is to discover for you renowned companions, the top professionals in the fields of Health, Beauty, Wellness , of Leisure.

The idea of ​​engaging in health-mediated tourism was born from the experience of the founder of Silvita Greece, Ms. Sylvia Ralli, which she secured in her effort to utilize quality health services for herself and to combine them with her love for travels, acquaintance with the culture, nature, culture of the places, which he visited to receive the services offered.

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In a constant search for the ideal service package, the company executives, share with the visitors of MedAthens a journey, which starts from the information about the services that they can find and use in Greece, continues with the combination of the provided services with entertainment and leisure activities and is completed by upgrading the travel experience of visitors to real luxury, which they can enjoy paying the ideal financial price.

This is a holistic approach that aims to maximize the benefits that MedAthens visitors can provide, based on the quality, efficiency of medical services and the bliss of hospitality offered by Greek culture.

Our vision is to instill in our clients the philosophy of a holistic approach to personal care, through the provision of high quality medical tourism and wellness tourism experiences.

It is very important for us, our customers to understand that we want to include them in a Holistic Philosophy of Spa Culture, which they will be lucky to know through the repeated use of our services. Through the network we have created for you, we have selected the leading providers of luxury health tourism services, so that MedAthens becomes a gateway to connect with leading companies in the Greek market and the ultimate goal to become your permanent companions, in the eternal journey of beauty and well-being .