Unique Concept

MedAthens as a mediator has as its competitive advantage, the quality originality, the provision of the most innovative and modern treatments, the rebirth and renewal of the visitor, but also his return to his headquarters with an unparalleled enthusiasm for the package of services he received. in Greece -with the most rewarding-value for money- services and of course without the discount on quality and result.


Complete Services from SilvitaGreece

Choose the holistic packages of MedAthens and taste all about oy Loyalty, the customer-centric culture and luxury, the unique Health, Beauty and Wellness Services, the Greek Hospitality, the experiences of Spa Culture and the personalized treatment of your needs.

MedAthens’s approach is to synthesize actions, services and experiential experiences with a holistic result.

In its competitive package of services, MedAthens will claim for its demanding clients Holistic Well-being, a mixture of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Mental well-being. Inspired by the philosophy of Hippocrates for the Greek nature, who taught that “nature is sufficient in everything and for everything” and from the testimonies of centenarians who always admit that they followed a natural way of life, she promotes the latter in combination.

The words of Stefanos Karagiannopoulos, in the prologue of his famous book “We are what we eat” (Modern Times Publications) are worth mentioning at this point: “Life is a gift. To live it, we need art. To preserve it, technique. People want to stay healthy and strong for life. “The most stable human pursuit is longevity.” Longevity is achieved with a holistic approach.

Salt Caves
We guarantee you the unique experience of salt therapy in salt caves that with a stay of 45 minutes of the visitor inside the salt cave, the latter will receive the correspondence of 3 days of exposure in a clear sea breeze. The salt cave creates a microclimate with a beneficial value for human health with healing properties and helps to treat skin diseases, respiratory infections, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders (obesity), obesity, obesity.
Natural Spas
As part of the thermal experiences, the thermal baths and the complex factors of the thermal spring could not disappear: buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, secretion of hormones. The body becomes more agile, vasodilation is created, there is a stimulation of the circulation, stimulation of the respiratory system, absorption of edema. Systematic exercise normalizes metabolism and restores a variety of metabolic disorders.
The life-giving power of thermal water, with its components exerting pharmacodynamic energy, has healing properties, known since the time of Hippocrates and even could not be absent from a program of healing and well-being. Individual hydrotherapy sessions will be available in wellness packages and will be included in the HB&C facilities.

Holistic wellness hotel packages or independent Holistic Wellness sessions will include activities such as: a morning yoga session in nature at sunrise, joga therapy yoga, a walk in the countryside or in nature, doing a sport, salt in salt caves, spa & fitness programs, hydrotherapy, bioresonance, speed healing and some Holistic practices that help the mind to be present and relax at the same time and the body will turn the trip to Greece into a unique experience of rejuvenation and internal harmony.

In particular, MedAthens packages will include innovative holistic therapeutic methods based on the principle of quantum physics. These will be respectively:


Bioresonance is one of the new therapeutic methods, which by balancing the whole organic system with the change of frequencies, brings better coordination to the individual system, which has escaped the corresponding balance and therefore becomes ill.

BioResonance Therapy is based on the scientifically proven principle of quantum physics (Max Planck and Albert Einstei) that the cells of the body, like the molecules of all particles in nature, emit and receive electromagnetic signals.

Tachion therapeutic system

Vibrational therapies performed with materials / applications that focus and enhance Tachyon – natural energy, enhance the body’s capacity for self-healing and conscious development.

Advanced Tachyon Technologies (ATT) and the Tachyon healing system make use of natural energy, combining holistic medicine, science and spirituality.