Who we are

Through a life journey, we learned the secrets of beauty and wellness and looked for ways to share them with you. MedAthens’s journey is to discover for you renowned companions the top professionals in the fields of health, beauty, wellness, leisure.

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Medical Renaissance Tourism and Spa Culture

Through a journey of life, we learned the secrets of rebirth, beauty and wellness and sought ways to share them with you. This is the journey of SilvitaGreece with a high sense of responsibility and commitment to quality and with renowned companions, the top professionals in the fields of health, beauty, wellness, culture. Our desire to offer our fellow human beings the opportunity to combine Medical-Spa Tourism, Health, Beauty and Wellness services with Leisure, Entertainment packages dedicated to Greek Culture and the Renaissance of the Spirit, “gave birth” to the idea of ​​creating the MedAthens website. A health guide with the aim of offering knowledge, services and support to visitors, we become guides and companions in your journey to achieve well-being.

We are constantly developing a network of services of Medical Regenerative Tourism, High Quality Medical Aesthetics and Spa Culture.

SilvitaGreece in the MedAthens portal develops its ability to carry out ongoing research, evaluation and careful investigation of the needs of its visitors, constantly adds to the potential of its specialized collaborators leading scientists and highly trained specialists in the field of Health and Culture then connects them to a unique Regenerative canvas of your services that will serve your needs for a holistic approach to Luxury Health Tourism. Her immediate interest is to regenerate internally and externally those who trust her in an unprecedented and unusual journey of well-being and well-being, principles that we wish to cultivate with you in a spirit of cooperation and trust.


Personalized Experience

Visitors to the MedAthens portal and potential recipients of luxury health tourism services in Greece receive a unique online experience with new information and information pillars. From the first moment we are by your side, to start your journey to renewal by receiving online personalized information material, medical information and support to create for you the individual file of services (travel package) you desire.

Innovative Applications

The medical staff and our partners as quality evaluators of your portfolio constantly update it with innovative applications, ensuring the greatest possible benefit in the cost-benefit ratio of services immediately, so that all of you our clients can plan your trip in time based on the medical advice and continuous assessment of your needs.

Cultural Services

Each package includes, in addition to the luxury health tourism services, proposals for wellness, entertainment and culture services, as well as a follow-up service, after receiving the services from our network. The guide of the MedAthens online platform is the selection and utilization of the differentiated Greek quality tourism product for you, the tourists, tourists / experienced travelers who are now very sensitive to the quality and particularly demanding.